Windows 8 Windows 8 To Include Built-in Reset, Refresh


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MrSeb writes "Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom, will provide push-button Reset and Refresh in Windows 8. Reset will restore a Windows 8 PC to its stock, fresh-from-the-factory state; Refresh will reinstall Windows 8, but keep your documents and installed Metro apps in tact. For the power users, Windows 8 will include a new tool called recimg.exe, which allows you to create a hard drive image ...

Source: Yahoo! News


Thank you MS, but I'll stick with my Ghost backups, like I have for the past 16 years.
I fully understand how the program works to do what it does and I can also control the name of the backup file, where it's put and the amount of compression used, depending on that location.

My "Force a System Restore point" script will not run on Win-8 as it currently exists, but I have another Ace up my sleeve. More on that, later.

Cheers mates!
The Doctor :cool: