Windows 8 Windows 8 Upgrades the Blue Screen of Death [PIC]

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    If you are or ever were a Windows user, you’re likely familiar with the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). The bug check screen, with its line…

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    I guess your problem is kinda related with corrupt system files, lack of drive optimization, problem pertaining with startup items and so on. You can fix the issue just by downloading hotfix or following alternative steps given below.

    Uninstall Recently Installed Software:

    1. Click Start | Control Panel.

    2. Click Programs | Uninstall a Program.

    3. Select a recently installed software program, click Uninstall button.

    4. Follow the on-screen wizard.

    Optimize Background Services:

    1. Click Start, point to All Programs | Accessories | Run.

    2. Type “Services.msc” (without quotes).

    3. Click OK button.

    4. Scroll down, locate and right click an unnecessary services item and select Stop.

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