Windows 95 is 20 years august 24


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Since it is a 20-year celebration of Windows 95. A little challenge for you windows enthusiasts. Get a Win95 computer up an running. It have to work on the internet, email client and an office package must be installed. Browser must work on facebook and youtube.

The tricky part of this little challenge is to use Win95 as your primary computer for a week.

Up for it ?? :)
Hmm..nope.. :) It will be a braver man than me who takes this on lol.
I have Win95 running in a VM that meets the requirements but I have no desire to use it exclusively for a week.
Put all your user names and passwords onto a large sign then display that sign on the main road... what could possibly go wrong?
Nobody said it was going to be easy. I'm up and running on Win95 :) You have to really work and search the web to find drivers, software etc. To get old browsers to fool Youtube/Facebook it's a :andwhat: