Windows 95 :P


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Here is a thread that was posted on the MyBB Community Forums. This guy tried to convince us that windows 95 was a great platform. If you have some time read some of his posts. I think the guy is nuts! What do you think?
Meh, I agree. Windows 95 is outdated and had too many stability problems. I would say that Windows Home Server or Sever 2008 are much better. Plus, I'm not sure if the latest apache and MySQL versions run on windows 95.

But then again, I guess for a small web site, Windows 95 would be fine (uses much less power too.)
Just to let you know Matt Windows 2008 Server is going to be the "worst server version yet" said by IT professionals. It's to much like vista. The only thing I like is it has more drivers. Every thing else in it is useless front end stuff thats just going to make administrators lives much harder.
95 was the first OS that I ever used. Didn't like it, but I was much too small then, hence the reason I don't have much to say about it. But surely if you are running a small site and you want to whip up something quick; it's fine. But I doubt it's useful nowadays.
Well, I like the Hyper-V that is in Windows Server 08, so i think it will be fine. I am on a linux server, but I may get a Windows Server in the future. Anyway, Paul Thorrott likes Windows Server 08 and home server, so I may try it out.

Anyway, Direct X 5.2 was the last Direct X for windows 95.
Actually, DX 8.0a was according to that article;

DirectX 8.0a (RC14) Last supported version for Windows 95 February 5, 2001