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I've been working on the desktop all day, and just got it back up and running. Shortly after reaching desktop, Windows popped an alert that there was an update available. Figuring it was the usual Windows Defender update, I checked and it listed one "important" update, and selecting that, found an update for my monitor Acer X233H which surprised me. I clicked on the links in the update window to get more information about it, and only was taken to an MS webpage talking about updates in general, with nothing about this specific update.

I then checked on the Acer website and the latest driver they have listed for my monitor is an 8kb driver dated 5/6/2010. The driver listed in the Device Manager is v1.0.0.0 dated 7/29/2009, which would make it appear that somehow I had too old of driver, yet it is the driver that I have been using as long as I've had this monitor, and it never squawked about it before. The monitor works perfectly and the Device Manager agrees.

What more I find curious about the update is that it isn't listed as optional, like most drivers of this sort, and the date of the driver is listed as July, 2009, not making it any newer than what I have, but the size of the file is 70kb, rather than 8kb as Acer shows.

This makes me wonder what this driver is all about, and if it is truly an Acer driver, why they wouldn't show it on their own website?


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I've got an Acer monitor too and have had updates for it through the WU. I didn't apply them though as like you say the monitor is working fine. I don't like applying drivers through the WU utility anyway as often they seem out of sync.


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Agreed, but I still don't understand why it was listed as important, rather than optional.

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