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Does anyone know what these is?
How can I delete it?


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It come when I bought my computer!
Toshiba Qosmio X505 Q894
and I use Windows 7 64Bite Home Profecional

When I notice these window tab, I though same thing!..... how can I delete it, and I use Norton 360
Click "Resolve Online Now".

You cannot legally bypass Windows Genuine Advantage or the Windows licensing activation. This dialogue box typically means that your system lost, or never had, a proper license key installed. On OEM and retail systems, such as Toshiba, your system should have come with the Windows license, either in the form of a sticker attached to the device with a genuine logo or additional documentation with a recovery disk, etc. This is known as a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) tag. If your system was acquired as part of a corporate, educational, or large institutional environment, this may fall under a volume license agreement. Contact that entity for licensing. If you have no COA tag your system may:

Since you have named a legit system that normally ships with Windows 7 Home, you should contact anyone who has recently made modifications to your computer with or without your authorization. If this person is unable to resolve the problem, the Certificate of Authenticity that assuredly comes with this system (usually as a label on the bottom of the chassis - or case) will provide this information for you.

If you suspect that you are the victim of piracy from the seller, or never received a genuine activation key from the seller, you may want to visit Protect Yourself from Piracy.

how can I delete it

The only way to resolve the issue is to legally activate (or re-activate) your copy of Windows using the steps outlined above and at the Microsoft website. There is no reason you should be missing the licensing information that came with your system. If you never received it, this is a serious problem from whoever sold you the system and could be an act of piracy.

If you are in a strict bind, there is one way to get around this issue that is legal, for emergency purposes only. These could be paramount in giving you enough time to resolve the issue on a more permanent basis.

See also:

Contact Microsoft for activation. Activation and registration of a Microsoft product

In the interim, go to Start -> cmd.exe

In the Windows Command Prompt, type slmgr /dlv

This will display full licensing information about your operating system.

You can re-arm the operating system up to 3 times for 30-days each in the event of a genuine activation problem. You can perform this task by using slmgr -rearm in the same Command Prompt. This is not recommended unless absolutely necessary. After these run out, you face major restrictions on the use of your operating system from Windows Genuine Advantage and the built-in anti-piracy protection.

Contact your Microsoft representative or automated activation number to resolve this issue. If you suspect that the key was pirated, visit Protect Yourself from Piracy

Please note:

This forum is not for discussing ways to bypass activation, violate copyright or intellectual property, get free Windows 7 product keys, or anything of the sort. If this is not a genuine problem, you need to stop wasting people's time. Otherwise, if you buy a product and it doesn't work, what do you do? You contact the person who sold it to you.

Further recommendation:

If you are even remotely engaged in piracy of Windows just give up now. It is not worth it, we can't discuss it, you'll find little to no support for it, and it is generally not only illegal, but a seriously flawed idea. You risk losing access to hundreds, if not tens of thousands of security updates by doing it. (Yes, I will occasionally try to talk people out of it).

Furthermore, you should see those additional links to give you additional time using slmgr -rearm. Be warned, however, that you can only do this a limited number of times, the function was primarily added for virtual machine testing and for fixing major hardware issues that require re-activation.

If you have any further leads to go on that may have made you lose activation, you can post it here, but we absolutely will not tolerate any evidence of software piracy or any discussion about bypassing the legal activation process.

Good luck! It would be great to know how you get this resolved if you are on the right side of the law.

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Thank you so much, I have read many times your post.
I am very great full you have take quite time explaining to me behind what would be taking me some time to work these around.
again, thank you very much. for you Cain support to my concern.


I have email Toshiba, right now!
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