windows audio out of sync?

hello everyone im sorry to bring up such an issue especially on my first post but I been at this issue for who knows how long and i am simply at my wits end i simply cannot figure out what is wrong please someone help me!

I have been having an audio issue with a few games. (mass effect 1 and 2, the settlers 7 and now starcraft 2) The issue is during dialogue scenes between 2 characters, at the very end of the scene (say right when a character is about done talking) The video and audio will suddenly end and the next scene whatever that may be will begin. It gets really annoying with everyone dialogue just randomly cutting short. I have tried fixing my codecs but that has done nothing. Hell i have even went through a hard drive and got a new one and the problem crossed over to this reinstalled version of windows 7 on my new drive which leads me to believe its either windows 7 or it has to be an hardware issue. If anyone could help me please do. I'm leaving an attachment of my dxdiag. I just don't know what to do anymore.


i've updated my drivers but nothing has changed :\


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I am not a game player but tell me, does this audio sync problem only happen with games or also with DVD's and videos?

the problem has been solved,

It turned out that i had some overclocking enhancements for my cpu in my bios and that was causing games to go out of sync

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