Windows Backup on Mirrored Drives

I have a new computer build where I have Win 7 Pro 64-bit installed on a SSD. Then I have a pair of 1TB drives that I setup as mirroring drives in Disc Management.

I proceeded to setup my windows backup to the mirrored drive, but it is giving me the warning:

When restoring a system image from this volume, the disks on your computer cannot be formatted to match the layout of the disks in the backup. To have full restore functionality, select a volume on basic disk as our backup location.

I am not really sure I even need a backup for the SSD... it is a small 64GB drive strictly for the OS and surfing the net... minor games (wife card games, etc.)... and a few other minor things. I mirrored the 1TB drives because they are going to be our music server on our network for our laptops... as well as we planned to backup our laptops to the 1TB drive. I figured I would mirror the 1TB in case one crashed we would have the backup. A backup of the backup, so to speak. However, if I am having issues with not being able to setup windows backup on these from this computer, I assume I will run into the same issues with the laptop backups.

Is there no way to use windows backup to a mirrored drive? I don't understand why that would be an issue.



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I am not that experienced with RAID setups but, as you said, you have a backup on the mirror. If you felt there was a chance of both the RAID drives failing at the same time, perhaps you could use another 1TB drive to swap out every now and then.

The SSD has you system on it. Windows Backup will always backup what it needs to restore a working system, which means the system and boot partitions (which may be the same) when you backup an image. If you are just making an image of the SSD, it seems like it would work to store it on the RAID, but I have no experience. If you are including the RAID as part of the backup in the image, I could see some problems with that, plus you can't put a backup on a drive that will be restored.

If you are backing up just the RAID, you will probably need an external device and you could just use a file backup instead of an image.

Maybe someone else will have some experience in the area.

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