windows backup taking a long time ?

hello i have got an acer aspire 5536 with 500gb running with windows 7 ultimate and i am running a windows backup for the first time and it is only up to 90% and has been running for about 18 hours,i am backing upto a 1 tb cyclone,i have got a lot of videos on the laptop,does anyone know of a quicker backup program and one which will allow me to do an incremental backup as i will be adding more videos as i go along?
thank you.

ok thank you.

This app is regarded as one of the best. Notice a free trial is offered near the bottom of the page:

Acronis True Image Home - Award-Winning Backup and Recovery Software
kemical (and all)
I realize this thread is a bit dated, but as far as I can determine, there is no solution thus far. Like all above, I have tried to do a back-up several (maybe as many as 5) times. I'm on one now - 3 days into it - and it is currently at 37%. I'm sorry but that is ridiculous - unless there is something I'm missing. I've done back-ups since the days of Tape-Backup drives (remember the old Colorado?). They were slower than say Nero back-up, but even it is like Warp 7 compared to this.
Any ideas/solutions? Or, am I just doing something wrong - i.e. wrong setting or something?
--> In all the forums/threads I've read, no one has yet offered an explanation of what the problem is. If I knew that little piece of the puzzle, I could sleep at night, have an awesome love life, live to be 125, and win the lottery. Or at least be able to figure out an answer.
Running Intel i7 Quad Core - Windows 7 64 Bit - 8GB Ram
C: 2TB
D: 1TB RAID1 Mirror
E: 500GB RAID1 Mirror
F: 320GB RAID1 Mirror
G: 750GB External Firewire400
H: 1TB External Firewire 400
I: 1.5TB External Firewiree 400 (This is where I'm attempting to place the back-up)
Thanks All!


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Hi Tennessee33,
I'll start with the basics.. :) Is your system running the latest drivers, firmware and system Bios? Plus has it something to do with the external firewire connection? Try backing up (if possible) to a different drive and see if how that runs. This will tell us if the problem is the actual backup process or the media used..

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