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i replaced my hdd because there was a prob in the old one.i fixed the cables and formated it with it with windows 7 but i didn't set up the bios. now i m unable to select any option in bios.plz help


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I am not sure what you mean. When your computer boots, you can get into the bios by hitting a special key. So replacing a hard drive would not affect that.

Do you mean you want to change a drive setting, such as IDE or AHCI or some other setting related to the drive?

Have you already installed Win 7 on the drive?

What option are you trying to select?

yes i want to change drive settings.i can get into bios by hiting f2 but in the bios im unable to change any settings. i can't select any option.


The bios has really nothing to do with Windows 7.
It controls only the motherboard and what options are set there.

Every time you boot up it looks for what hard drive you have installed.
If you go into the Bios during bootup, it will show you all the current drives.
The days of having to tell the bios what drive you have installed is long since past.
If you're replacing an old drive with a new one of the same type, there is NO need to even go into the bios. It will handle the change automatically.

Futzing around in the bios when you don't have to, can get you into all sorts of trouble.:right:

Once Windows starts running, the bios is left behind. From there on all settings like assigning drive letters is done strictly in windows.

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I would remove the battery (bios) and short out the bios and start over. It might clear the fault. Is it possibly password locked?

in my bios the acces level is set up to user only now i wanna change it but im unable to select any optin in the bios .


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in my bios the acces level is set up to user only now i wanna change it but im unable to select any optin in the bios .
Is there a chance that you can reset your bios to the default settings and see if then you might be able to make the changes? I am not familiar since I never had that problem. Just thinking that may work. Also If it is an older computer you might check the battery. I did have a problem at one time and had to replace the battery even though it was different from your problem.

i tried everything but it didn't work.also when i try to reformat with xp it says acpi.sys is corrupted.

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