Windows boot manager error when using Boot Disk

At some point this morning, it seems one of my hard drives crashed, and with that went my O/S since it was installed on one of the partitions of that drive. Fine. All works out, I just reinstall windows.

Wrong. When I put in the boot disk, I have a few problems.

This first one, when I am in the main menu after I select to install Windows 7 new again, I choose a hard drive, and i go to delete the partition, and then I select that partition again and format it. I got to select it and, I get an error saying Windows can not install on that hard drive.

Now, I can't even get that far as I get a Windows Boot Manager screen that states that "Windows has failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause"

Then it goes into fixing the problem, but that fixing solution is my problem. It is giving me this error while trying to put the boot disk in.

It comes up with Status: 0xc0000225

Any ideas, options?

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