windows calendar is not detachable - annoying!

i'm not sure about windows vista uses, but every version of windows i used, i can click on the system clock on the lower right hand side of my task bar and the calendar will open up and i can drag it around. i use this to compare dates and to plan ahead by comparing it side by side with open browsers. however with windows 7, when i click on the system clock the calendar just hovers above the task bar, the moment i click away to something else, the calendar disappears. how frustrating is that? i also tried looking for options but could not find any. i'm using the RC btw.


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There is a gadget for the calendar that may be useful:
right click your desktop, select gadgets. drag and drop the calendar icon to an area of your desktop. by default it displays todays date: double click the clock, it will show the month view. there are arrows on the top corners to cycle to the previous/next months.

i know of the gadget but i'm not a fan of having gadgets on my desktop. for one, the calendar only works for me if i have the always on top option, and i dont want to have a calendar on my screen at all times, only when i want it. sure, i can go and open the gadget every single time but thats much of a hassle.


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Occurs to me that you'd still have the issue of having to runs something and close it again even with your chosen method, plus there are world time gadgets thats can have multi-zones displayed in stacks if thats what your needing.

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This may help with what you want;
First, add the calendar Gadget then you can use the keyboard shortcut to show it and then click anywhere to hide it.

I have not looked into it much, but if you are able to open a gadget with a shortcut, then you could pin it to your taskbar and use "WinKey + #" (Where # is the location of the pinned icon. ie. If its the first icon the WinKey + 1).

Another option, would be to make a shortcut to "Date and Time" from the control panel. ("Date and Time" just allows you to change/set date/time settings but it is its own window and displays the date and time)
Then you can pin it to the taskbar (then use the method above to assign a key combo) or even edit the shortcut itself and set up a shortcut key combination.

Hope this helps.

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