'windows cannot create graphics device'

hi there, basically any time i try to run a game i get the message 'cannot create graphics device' which i think means my graphics drivers aren't up to date, as a result I tried to upgrade the drivers, but the problem is that 7 isn't recognising the card as an nvidia geforce go 7400, instead as a 'standard VGA graphics adaptor' according to the device manager, as a result I can't use the nvidia drivers, and my windows experience rating is 1 ... previously it was 4, so theres a problem there ...

any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Andrew,
could you list your full system spec as well as which drivers your using?
Also which version of windows are you running? 32 or 64bit?


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Yes, your specs would be helpful.

Also, you could right-click on the executable and choose the Compatibility tab and make some changes here.

Hey Kemical, how's it going?

hi there guys, thanks very much for the interest, but I managed to get it going in the end by getting the nvidia driver from the sony website (laptop is a vaio fe41m) i then had to use device manager, and update it manually instead of having it try to scan
if anyone needs to know for future refernce my specs were
Vaio VGN FE41-M
Intel core 2 duo T5500 (1.66 GHz
120GB Hard Drive Nvidia Geforce go 7400 GPU
DVD +- RW 15.4 inch screen :)

if anyone else has the same problem, go to sony support, and download thier nvidia geforce go 7400 specific driver, then install it (all this does is extract it) and use device manager to update drivers for the general graphics device, say i have a disc, and go to c/update/NV'something' (this should be the same name as the download)
and let it update from there.

again, thanks for the interest guys!


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Great you got it sorted! Thanks for updating your post..:)

@Reghakr.. I'm cool man, hows you?.. I see your not around so I'll send you a pm..

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