Windows Cannot Setup HomeGroup on This Computer

I have a Win 7/64 7100 and a Win 7/32 7100. My 64 bit platform set up the homeGroup just fine.

My 32 bit Dell Dimension 4700 4 GB ram, after some time, displays the error message "Windows Cannot Setup HomeGroup on This Computer" I ran the networking troubleshooter and the HomeGroup troubleshooter on both platforms. The only suggestion was having the correct time on both computers. That was OK.

I went into Advanced Sharing and set the discovery on, file & printer sharing on, and password protected sharing off.

I adjusted both machinge with the settings. That didn't help.

I really like Win 7, but I need networking.

Any suggestions?



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Hello Dennis,

Do you have a Homegroup icon on each desktop and what are the right-click options?

What exactly are you clicking on that produces the error?

On my 64 bit platform I have a shortcut to HomgGroup that I installed. The right click options are Open, Open folder location, Send to, Cut, Copy, Create shortcut, Delect, Rename, and Properties.

On the 32 bit platform, I type in the search box "HomeGroup", and I select "Join HomeGroup", Join now, next, and enter the password. Then I get, after a minute or so, "Windows cannot setup a homegroup on this computer."

I don't have any HomeGroup icons on my 32 bit desktop, only in my Contral Panel.

I was able to map the 32's F drive on my 64 bit. I couldn't do that earlier. I can see all the 32's drives from my 64, but can't map the C drive even though I have set the share permessions on C and F.

When I installed the Wn 7/32 7100, it installed without a glitch. It was a fresh install from XP and took me about 45 minutes.

This 32 bit was networked with my 64 when it was XP 32 and Vista 32.


Solved the Problen

The problem turned out to be the router. I updated the firmware in my D-Link router. but that killed it. reset would not work so $130 later my new Linksys router solved the problem.

The HomeGroup was joined immediately.



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That's great news.

I am also having trouble dropping connections with my wireless Netgear router.

It turn out to be a bad wireless adapter in my one computer.

The strange thing is, I have a Homegroup icon on my desktop (not a shortcut, and the right-click option are

Change Homegoup Settings
View the Homegroup password
Start the Homegroup troubleshooter

Currently I have RC x64 on one PC and RCx86 on another (wired network thru a WRT54G vr 5, latest firmware). Setup the homegroup on the x64, joined from the x86 no problem. Was accessing a file on the x64 from the x86 when the file just stopped transferring. Have rebooted a couple of times but whenever I try to access the x64 from the x86 it tells me I don't have permission. Checked and reset permissions, have left and rejoined homegroup not sure why it's not working.


possible solution

I just installed Windows7 on my desktop machine, which ran the beta version just fine so it was time to get my first license etc. I should note that the Homegroup worked much more easily when I was using the beta. Hmm...

I had problems joining my existing Homegroup on the desktop. I updated the firmware on my router... no dice.

What ended up working was for my beta-running laptop to leave the Homegroup and then rejoin it.

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