Windows 7 "windows can't stop sharing selected folder"


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I want to stop sharing my user's folder on the network, but when I go to "share with" > "nobody" it gives me the error "windows can't stop sharing selected folder". When I try to change ANY sharing options it gives me the error "This folder cannot be shared".

What's going on? all I wanna do is stop sharing my whole user's folder on the network ><

EDIT: Ok, I figured out that I had to set the share settings on the network window, which removed the User's folder. However, now that it's gone I want to repeat the process with sharing something on the network and removing it again. So with the users folder gone, I go to the explorer to share the users folder with my homegroup, it still says "this folder cannot be shared". How would I put that back on the homegroup network? (I know it sounds crazy, but I'm just fiddling with the networking end of things)
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I did the same thig today and can't figure out how to solve it...
BUT now I am able to share folder by share with>specific people
select every one> add
change the permission level.

at least the other PC's cam acess my folders now. hope it helps!
Good Luck!

Sorry for my bad english - ( I'm from Brazil!)