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Tutorials to learn cmd

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Comands part 1
To creeate folder type in cmd md name of folder
if your folder empty type rd name of folder to delete your folder
if you need to list your derectory
4. copy con
If you need create file type copy con example.example after this action click on enter and type somthing. If you need exit create file topic click on Ctrl+Z and click enter
5. exit
To exit cmd
6. cls
clear console actions
7. title
type title example to change title of cmd
8. prompt
to change example text C:/example/example type prompt example
To delete folder or file type del example

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The command prompt has been around for a long time and while it's a great idea to be familiar with it. I'd recommend learning and using Powershell it is much more powerful, flexible and easier to work with than the command prompt as well as the fact you can run anything that cmd can from Powershell. There have been rumors for the last few years that cmd will be phased out.