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    So recently, out of spite, I turned off my laptop as it was about to reboot due to a system update. (was in the middle of something)

    Seeing as safe mode and repair/restore to previous states wouldn't work, I attempted to restore it to factory settings (I think that's what it was called) with the backup files option.

    Took quite a while but all seemed well until it rebooted; went onto the windows loading, then onto Setup. From there I received the message "Windows could not complete the installation [...]"

    And now when I go to F8 at startup, i dont have any recovery/restore options. Every other startup option (Such as safe mode/safe mode with command prompt etc) will lead to the same result.

    If it matters, windows 7 came with the gateway laptop and did not come with any CDs whatsoever.

    So... what can I do to salvage this? I don't even have access to command prompt anymore.
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    You can download and burn a Repair CD from here. Try to boot into WinRE and then go for a Startup Repair. It might take 2 or 3 times for the repair to complete if it can. Because of the situation, it might not be able to complete.

    It is just really hard to tell where you system is right now, so post back any clues as to what happens and when you can. If you want, you could go to the Command Prompt using the Recovery CD and run a Chkdsk.

    You could also use an install DVD or Repair CD from a friend if they had the same version of Windows 7.
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