Windows crashes and I cannot repair from a repair cd

A problem has recently come up where my computer hangs then crashes after about 40 minutes after i turn it on.

When it crashes it comes up with "Windows failed to start." and tells me to use the installation disk for repair. It gives the status of "0xc000000e". So I created a repair disk from the options in windows and tried that.

When I had booted up from the repair disk I made, after I had chosen the language, it tells me that this version of windows is not compatible with my repair disk. (even though i made it less than one minute before using it)

Im not too sure what other information I can give, but I have 3 hard drives. 1 ssd which is the primary drive (with windows on it) and 2 hhd (1 of which was there from the start and 1 added in later, a few months back at the latest). The only other thing that may help is that I am on sp1 (I looked around in a couple of forums and that seemed to be a contributing factor is a problem similar to this).



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These days, we always have to consider how the OS was in installed. Was it configured as Legacy (MBR) or UEFI. When you know that, you might know how to boot your recovery disc. If you have a "Windows Boot Manager" as am option in the bios for booting, it is UEFI, if it boots directly to the hard drive, it is a MBR install.

But I know Windows 7 Repair CDs do not function in the UEFI mode. So there is a possibility you are booting into MBR for a UEFI install, which will give you the compatibility message.

If you do not have a DVD, you could download an SP1 version of the Install DVD and burn it. Then boot it as MBR and UEFI to see if one works. If you could get into a command prompt window, or use a third party bootable CD, like Partition Wizard, you could tell if the drive was configured as GPT. If it is GPT, then you have a UEFI system.

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Have you been unable to use the F8 key during boot to get to the Repair options?

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