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    running windows 7 ultimate 64 bitthe system keeps crashing/freezing, no BSOD, nothing in the event log, just complete system freeze.
    sometimes it may crash several times a day, sometimes it may go for several days without crashing.
    Some things I have found which regularly cause a crash.
    Trying to print.
    starting a program
    web pages with flash or video

    I leave my computer on 24/8, and it even crashes at night when it is not in use.

    What I have tested....
    I ran memtest overnight, and problems with RAMI have replaced hard drivesI have tried 2 different graphics cards

    Have tested the PSU with a PSU tester, no issues.
    Unplugged all external devices other than keyboard, monitor and mousestill problem persisted.So I have done a completely clean install of windows 7 on a new disk.Still the same problem.I don't have any way to test the CPU or motherboard as possible causes.I have run windows in safe mode for several days, no crash.
    I have run from Ubuntu live for several days with no crash.
    So it does seem to be a windows issue.

    I cannot get a crash dump as the system is completely unresponsive, I have already followed instructions for force a crash dump via keyboard when it crashed, but this doe snot work.
    The few times the system has BSOD'd, it does not create a dump file or the file is 0kb, there is plenty of space on the disk, and it is setup correctly as per the M$ KB article.

    any suggestions.


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