Windows Critical Update for SQL Server BIDS 2008; specifically VSTO

I have a critical update that keeps coming up. Here is an image:

This has been a problem for over a month now. It seems to be causing an error with My SQL Server BIDS 2008; specifically VSTO, which crashes constantly now (it never used to cause any problems).

Windows automatically recommended that i get something called 'System Update Readiness Tool'. I go that and was prompted to install something named 'Windows6.1-KB947821-v14-x64'. I downloaded and installed the file; I made the critical update. NOW, I AM STILL BEING PROMPTED TO INSTALL THE SECURITY UPDATE FOR MICROSOFT VISUAL STUDIO 2008 SERVICE PACK 1 (KB971092)


Has anyone delt with this before? Does anyone here know how to resolve this issue? I'd be so grateful to get this working (finally).

Thanks everyone!!


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Is the critical failure window representing KB971092? If it is, you might look for a KB971092.log file in the Windows directory.

It seems your database is out of sync. I assume you have the update installed, and if you do, it can be removed from the Programs and Features panel. Perhaps removing it would get it back in sync. I do not know what effect this might have on your system otherwise.

If you wanted to download and install it yourself, go the the Microsoft Update Catalog and download it there. You may have to allow something to load for the page to work, and use I.E. Do a search for the KB and download from there.

The Update Readiness Tool leaves a log of the results. Did it show any problems?

If you do a web search for the 643 error, you will get quite a few hits.

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