Windows desktop manager has stopped working

For the past week or so I'm getting this error message. I've followed the suggestions on another Thread here with the same error. But the problem still remains.

System file check - threw up nothing
SO I did a System Upgrade Repair

What I can tell you are:
At the startup I get the error message (as the title states)
IE9 crashes almost immediately when it is opened - I've started using Chrome and there is no problem with that - so far.
I find dragging windows leaves a delayed trail behind.
I've always used But this switched to (by itself) the same time this problem started happening. Also struggles to connect and attaching files to emails is almost impossible. So I've started using and there is no problem with that - so far.

The Event Viewer throws up values:
Under "Error"
Application Error
Service Control Manager

Under "Warnings"
User profile service
Restart manager

My computer has stopped working once or twice and needed a restart. You will notice from the attachments that I have 5 screens. Sometimes on startup one ot two screens will fail to connect to the computer so a restart fixes that. Also, I find that the startup has got very slow as the computer has also got slow overall.

I use the computer for trading and reading emails - that's it - its never given a problem for the past 2 years.
My question is: as I have amassed days trying to solve this problem without success and at great expense (not just of time but financially as well - the system is just to volatile to risk using in a trading environment) what would you suggest?
I'm considering to upgrade to Win8 in the "hope" that that would be a comprehensive quick fix - but only as long as I do not have to rebuild my setup (this would also take days). i.e. would an upgrade solve the problem? And, would the upgrade be simply sticking in the disk and when its finished doing what it does will my world be as it used to be [without the errors?]?

Please note I'm computer illiterate - I've spent most of the past few days trying to figure out terminology and what all the acronyms mean (not that it helped). So after all the hassle, whatever I do now I would like it to be the most robust solution. I would be very grateful for any suggestions or solutions that you might propose. (for the technically inept)

Thank you in advance
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All I can say right now is that update to latest NVidia drivers, and choose "Use NVidia setting" in Adjust Video Settings. It may also be dependable of BIOS, and what it supports. Tons of issues that can influence...

More info of system and error reports won't harm.

Thanks for the help. As you have suggested, I've updated the NVIDIA drivers and applied their settings (to both edge enhancement and noise reduction). Unfortunately I still get "Desktop Window Manager stopped working and was closed" on startup.

You mention "error reports", I'd be happy to supply whatever might help. Could you please outline what I should look for. And should I attach it as a file to this thread?

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