Windows 7 Windows detected a hard drive problem


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I have been using Windows 7 build 7000 for a long while without any drive issues.

Today i did a clean install of build 7127, and now i randomly get this message:
"Windows detected a hard drive problem"

It shows the details as H:/, witch is one partition, on one of my drives.
If there is a problem with the harddrive, why does it point to one partition only?

I installed diagnostic tools from seagate, but that tool does not identify the drive, so cant check it.

Is it not a fantastic coincident that it shows now? No data has been changed on the drive since reinstall.
Windows7 bugg?
Can i be safe? Is there another tool to check my seagate?
Hello and wellcome.

Have you tried using the Windows check disk program? Rightclick the offending partition and click properties. Under the tools tab there is a button under error checking check now... make sure both the boxes are checked. Windows should promt you it will start next time you restart your computer, so restart.
Thanks for the reply.

I tried windows checking tools, and it cant find any proble,s, except the warning that keeps popping up..
So, i really get the feeling that it is a software issue with Build 7127, since it arrived the day i installed the new build.
I have the newest chioset drivers.