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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Azhvel, Jul 11, 2011.

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    Today, an error message popped up that told me that Windows detected a hard disk problem. I received this message twice; both times I was prompted while watching a video in full screen. After some digging on the problem I found that many people suggested to run error checking programs after data back-up so I ran Windows' chkdsk and restarted my computer. After letting the check run through all five steps I looked at the results in the computer management console and saw that no errors or bad sectors or anything menacing had been found. I've been running my computer for a while now and have not been prompted about any additional hard disk problems. My question is am I in the clear and were these initial errors that were found only bugs? Or has the problem simply stopped showing outward symptoms? Thanks for any help.
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    First thing I would do it to make sure my PC is clean and free of any Virus and malware/spyware or trojan/worm. Is this happening while watching videos on the net or just viewing them on your PC?
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    Welcome to the forum Azhvel :)

    Could you fill in your system specs in your profile, will aide us in helping you. As Bassfisher said check your system for viri. Download the free version of MalwareBytes let it do a scan and if it finds nothing, your good to go. :)
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