Windows Display Showing as Safe Mode?


I'm having a problem with my display, it's showing as if it were in safe mode, with the icons stretched out. However, it's not in safe mode I have started it in normal mode. The resolution is showing as 1024 x 768.

Any idea what's going wrong?




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Hi leggy and Welcome to The Forum.

You're saying it displays as if in Safe Mode. To clarify, does it say Safe Mode in each corner? If not then you're difinitely not in Safe Mode, so what should your screen resolution be? And have you set it to that? If you are not using the on-board graphics but a gpu, has your bios the ability to auto switch between graphics input, or do you need to do it manually? Filling in your Computer specs under your user profile would be a great help to all. Saves the guesswork doncha know! :D



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Hello and welcome to :)

Can you please provide me with the model of your graphics card? It sounds like you may have a driver problem. Use these links to find the latest drivers:

Can you open the Device Manager and check the status of your card? It may need troubleshooting (which is usually resolved by a driver update).

Joe S

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Sounds like mine when the graphics card died.

Hi guys, thanks for the replies.

I updated the driver software and it sorted it out.




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That's great news, glad we could help :) Thanks for using, you know where we're at next time.

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