Windows doesn't boot after upgrading CPU and motherboard

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by manchintz, Mar 13, 2010.

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    im having a big issue and i don't know who else to ask! my computer is a pentium 4 sony vaio that has winodws 7 on it.2.4ghz and 768mb ram. upgraded the motherboard n CPU to a amd quad core 620 and motherboard is an ECS GeForce6100PM-M2(V3.0).got everything installed.but i cant get into windows! i have 2 IDE Hard drives. and 2 IDE dvd/cd combos..the motherboard only has 1 IDE slot so i used it for the 2 hard drives. n bought a PCI ide one for the 2 dvd drives.but i doubt i can get the dvd drives to work since i cant get into windows for windows to install the PCI! when i boot through the hard drive with 7 on it it says to start windows normally or fix startup errors. when i start normally it gets to starting windows the little color balls swirl around for about 2 seconds n then it restarts!what can i do to just get into windows so that i can install the PCI? through USB possibly? please help me out! thanks in advance
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    After such a major hardware upgrade, you should reinstall Windows.


    1. F8 > Safe mode - see if you can boot this way so you can back up your data
    2. Boot to your installation disk => repair
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    What are your system specs? Did you just replace the CPU and mobo with something that was compatible from your existing CPU and mobo? Is this an ATX or micro ATX form factor? Does the new mobo have any sata ports? Are you sure you have the IDE cable plugged into the IDE port and not the Floppy? They are color coded. There are adapters to go from IDE to SATA connections. From my experience, I would have just gone with a whole new build and the cost wouldn't be that much more.

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