Windows DVD maker, Pls Help

I've been using / trying to use the built in windows DVD maker to burn movies i've got (avi) to DVD. It works, takes it a while (just found a way to maybe speed it up) but i have one problem.

I tell it to use 16:9 ratio in options, and the menu is in fact at 16:9. However the movie itself is distorted. It looks like it took the video in the 16:9 format, and then squished it down to fit into a standard size box, leaving a letter box (in some cases) around the top, and then also two large black area's on the left and right of the screen..I can't seem to get this to fix.

Any thoughts / help?


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It probably changed it to letterbox format as it was not a widescreen movie (16:9.

There are so many other DVD burners out there I would try one of them.

Freeware or open source of course.

I appreciate the input. Can you give me some good examples of quality apps that will do this, free or purchased?

I don't know many people who do this kind of burning, and don't have any good idea of what's good and works well as opposed to what is total crap. Thanks for any help anybody can provide!

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