Windows Eas Transfer problem

Just wasted 2.5 hours trying to get Windows Easy Transfer to transfer Outlook 2007 files from Vista to 64 bit Windows 7 using Blkin Easy Trnsfer cable. Any suggestions?


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Doesn't Outlook have an Export option? Possibly you could use that to create the file and just move it over then import it into the new version.

If you can't do that, you might be able to see where the Outlook files are and move them directly to the new locations.

I don't have Outlook available right now, but I will check later if you don't get it done.

I'm afraid its hopeless for me as I'm just too far behind on the learning curve. But I really do appreciate your responding to my request.


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OK, in Outlook go to File, Import and Export. Select the Export to file option and go through the process.

On the Windows 7 computer do the same thing but import the .pst file.

I have not used an easy transfer cable, but I suppose you are doing that because you do not have a network?

As far and the File and transfer wizard, I think it makes a file from one system you will open with the other system.

OK, File, Import and Export, Export to a file, Personal Folder File (.pst), Contacts, save exported file as Outlook Contact copies, then xport files and .... there is a file called "backup" on my desktop. I don't have another computer where I am to transfer the file so I don't know if I have success. I'll know tomorrow -- besides I did this on my Windows 7 pc and it is really the Vsta pc at work that has the .pst files I want to transfer to this computer. Thanks so much.

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