Windows Easy Transfer - 32 bit to 64 bit

Can anyone answer this question please?

If I use Windows Easy Transfer to save all my settings (on Windows 7 RC 32 bit) and then decide to
do a full install of the Windows 7 64 bit version (in Oct), will Windows Easy Transfer still be able to recover
my User Accounts etc using Windows Easy Transfer?



There are caveats between the different versions about which version of WET (otherwise know as MIGWIZ.exe) you must use.
I use to know them all, but forgot.
However, I do not know about 32bit to 64bit.

What I do know, is that WET doesn't always work, I have had problems with stalling, locking up, failing to transfer and other problems.

Also,, going from 32bit to 64bit using WET may not be the best idea, as you want to start off fresh without any 32bit stuff getting in the way from the start. Personally, I wouldn't do it.

You can backup your My Docs, Desktop, Favorites and other stuff and transfer them manually.
The rest of what WET does, might cause conflicts in the long run. But it might not.

I would run a full backup before attempting anyway.


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Agree with Tepid,

It may save your User Accounts, but looking at the Help file it doesn't transfer the files themselves, and as Tepid said, it's best to simply copy your Documents, music, videos, etc to a flash drive or external USB.

You want the "clean" install to avoid any problems.

You will, of course, need to re-install all 3rd-party programs.

I have done this for every really doesn't take that long.

I highly doubt that Microsoft would even suggest using this method.

We all seem to be of the same opinion on this one I've NEVER had a completely successful experience with the easy (HA) settings transfer wizard. Much like upgrading. I always recommend nuke and reinstall every year or two at most anyway depending on install uninstall frequency so to me a new installation is a no brainer. It's so nice to have a clean crisp windows installation compared to even a mildly degraded one that it's worth the day (or three) spent re installing apps.

Thanks for the replies...took over a week, but hey at least I got some response!

I always back up all 'important' files like mp3's, docs etc to external drives.

I guess my main reason behind this question was related to User Accounts where all the
settings for programs are stored.

Can I copy the 'Roaming' hidden folder from 32bit to 64 bit,
or would that cause problems? (I know I have to reinstall all the software and will be clean installing in October)



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Hello Steven,

Can I copy the 'Roaming' hidden folder from 32bit to 64 bit
Absolutely not.

Even thought this contains Windows settings (which may change with the final versaion), it also contains many 3rd-party software entries.

Please just save your files a perform a "clean" install.

That is you best bet, as all 3rd-party software will need to be re-installed anyway.

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