Windows Experience Crash


This issue may be covered elsewhere within the forum but as yet I have not found it so here goes:-

If I try to rate my machine in the Windows Expeience Panel the process is terminated after a brief time with a System Shutdown..

I may be looking in the wrong direction but personaly I suspect it may just have something to do with the fact the I have two SLI linked Graphics cards. Going by an older rating on my previous machine I suspect that the machine may exceed the Microsoft Maximum rating which may be relevant.

My Current Machine Specs are:-

MSI K9N2 Zilent Platinum Mainboard
AMD Phenom 9850 Quad Core
Nvidia GT 9800 Grahics Cards X 2 SLI Linked.
8 Gb DDR2 Ram

Has anyone any clues?



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Gould you please give us the spesifications of your computer

You can Doenload thid freeare program yo give you all the unformation we need

SIV (System Information Viewer) 4.03

Hi Drew

Thank you for your reply.
I'm not that bothered by not having a Windows Experience Rating but as this issue arrived in Vista some while ago I was wondering what caused it - Machine or OS?
Having like so many people many issues with Vista one of my first reactions was - have Microsoft carried over Vista problems to Windows 7. Conversely I thought is there some configuration, Hardware or driver anomaly with my machine?
I had pretty much concluded that it was not my machine but it was something I felt I wanted to verify with people like yourself.
Due to having a Custom Machine, I am unlike many in a position to choose which OS I use as I have 3 x 250 Gb partitioned Demountable/Interchangeable main drives - XP Pro 32 Bit, Vista Ultimate 32 Bit and Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit (2 Dummy racks and one live).
This way I have been able to do comparisons on various differences as having an efficient machine is of course important. Also within the machine there are 2 more partitioned (9 partitions in total at any given time) Hard drives which are common and of course available to whatever OS I have running totaling 2 Tb at any given time. This in itself allows other comparisons to be made.
I wouldn't want anyone to think I'm being a smart bottom but I am very impressed with Windows 7 thus far and the above information may be helpful to someone who has or wishes to have a similar set up as in turn I want to keep Windows 7 as efficient as possible.

I do 3D Graphic art mainly as a hobby and so having both efficiency and space is very important to me.



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Hello Barbara,

No, filing out the specs for your computer can help us diagnose any problems.

So you/re computer has removable drive bays like a forensics examiners machine?

Yea, WI just install ed E]Windows 7 Po dual booting with Vista. In the past I always used to use my Vista computer to post articles, but now I most always choose Windows 7

Is there anything specif we can help you with.

Please excuse my misspellings, my keyboard needs to be thrown out the door.

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