Windows 7 Windows Explorer always opens multiple windows


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Mar 16, 2009
Hi all...

Noticed a couple of things with 7 recently that used to work fine. 1st is the safely remove hardware, but I found another thread on that.

The second is that no matter what option I choose in the Folder and Search options of explorer, I am always getting multiple windows when I open a folder.

It is though it is stuck on "Open each folder in its own window" even though the radio button is selecting "Open each folder in the same window" I have tried setting it back and forward between the two - no difference.

Any ideas?
Not really an answer. I ended up upgrading from 7000 build to 7057 and it sorted it all out.
But.. I'm running 7100. :razz:

Also, I think it may be either Filezilla or Editpad Pro that's causing it. I did a system restore, which fixed it, but then I installed those two applications, and it broke again. This is really irritating.
I have also installed filezilla on a w7 build 7100, but it does not give me the problems you mention.
Hi all,

I am having the same issue here with Explorer opening folders in new window after every mouse click or key up. Regardless of what I set on the folder settings... Most solutions out there refer to :mad:messing around with regedit settings or installing some other third party app which I really wouldn't give in to.

I have tried multiple restore points all the way to dates when it was alright!
I have tried switching between opening each folder in its own window/same window!
I am running Windows 7 Enterprise....

Help Please :applaud:
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