Windows explorer and shutdown problem!

When I first start up the icons in Windows Explorer shows, but after a while they do not show. It also won't turn off... Whats up?

Hello. I am having a similar type of problem with Windows 7 64 version. If I go into my computer and try to access the c drive there is no response. I can usually access most other things in windows explorer after first booting up, but after a while nothing shows up in windows explorer. Also, I can't shut down.

This problem first seemed to start after I tried installing MagicDisc (Virtual drive software) but shortly after the computer froze. This problem has been present ever since.

Other programs I am using include
AVG (virus software)

Software and downloaded drivers for a Creative sound card (I had to download 64 bit drivers and the install wasn't the cleanest, but I didn't notice any problems resulting immediately after this.)

Linksys Wireless Network Manager (I also had to download some rather unofficial drivers as linksys does not seem to provide 64 bit drivers for their product)


Nvidia drivers (They installed very cleanly and seemed to even be designed for windows 7, so I doubt they were the cause)

I have tried to uninstall MagicDisc but this hasn't helped. I'm not sure if it is because of another cause or because what I did had not undone the damage. Eskimo, did you have this problem initially or after installing a few programs?

Yeah! I installed MagicDisc and firefox too! I have no clue what this can be.:confused::confused::confused:

Interesting. I'm still not to sure what the problem is but I am suspecting an incompatibility with drivers. I don't know why they would be causing these problems though.

Anyway, I've seemed to have resolved the problem, at least momentarily, by creating and using a new user account. I'm going to try playing around to see if any program in particular created this problem. Maybe you can try the same to resolve your problem.


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I would highly recommend you reinstall Windows 7, and not install MagicDisc.
Emulating software has a bad effect on 7 at this point.

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Eskimo, my suggestion may not have been the cause of the resolution. After testing, the problem is no longer present on any of my accounts and yet I have done nothing intentionally to try to resolve the issue. I'm not sure why the problem has gone away but it has. I'm sorry that I am unable to provide any answers, but I'm dumbfounded myself.

The last thing I did was to try to reinstall MagicDisc to see if I could give it a proper uninstallation with Remove Programs. It never even successfully installed again so I have no idea why that would help anything. It certainly did not do anything initially. As per Kyle's advice, I'm not messing around with MagicDisc again so I guess I'll never know.

Kyle, sound advice. It did seem to be the common link among people experiencing this problem. I think I am going to let things play out with this install unless the problem resurfaces.

Sounds very much like my "first" installation. Everything went well and then explorer started to hang, and I restarted but it took forever to restart. After a few minutes it would hang again, and then I couldn't open Task Manager to stop it.

I decided to re-install and I have not had a problem since !! Everything has worked and no sign or hint of any glitches. I can only assume that during the first install something became corrupted and couldn't be fixed. Been running everyday now since late on Friday.

I am running the 64 bit version on an Intel M'board.


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I had a lot of problems with the explorer using MagicDisc. Uninstalling it was a nightmare too.

I'm running clean on 1 of my 2 computers - the "good" one is the iMac in bootcamp mode - with all drivers and functionality - running AVG and Office 7... no issues whatsoever... my DELL E520, on the other hand, won't shutdown at all... and that's even if I kill everything in the task manager... I guess it's the video card drivers - ATI Catlyst beta drivers for Windows 7.

Chkdsk/r is my new best friend.

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