Windows Explorer - Auto create new folder everyday with date as name.


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Hi all.

This is my first post here so apologies in advance if it in the wrong thread.
I am by no means an it expert hence me asking for help on this.

I want to create a new folder everyday to keep a record of curtain work things relating to this particular day.
So within a current folder I have I would like to automatically create a new folder everyday with the name being the current date of that day.

New Folder example.jpg
Of course I can do this manually but would love to automate this to have one less thing to have to do (I can be forgetful).
Is this possible and if so how hard will this be to implement?

TIA guys.


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Here is how the Power Automation flow (the automation program/script), that will do the task you need, will look.
The only drawback is that with a free account you can not run the flow unattended. You will have to automatically run the Power Automation console at Windows start-up and then, every day, manually run the flow that will create a new folder with the current date name.

Screenshot 2022-05-02 200436.jpg

The flow gives you the option to choose the base folder where you want to store your daily folders, checks if a daily folder for the current day was already created and if not, it creates one and opens Windows Explorer in it.
You could automate a lot of repetitive tasks with Power Automate, without being a programmer.