Windows Explorer crashes a lot of times! (right click of mousse involved??)

Hi, I have recently adquired a Dell laptop with Core 2 processor and Windows 7 Home Edition (64 bits) installed. Its seems to work pretty fine except for a little detail: sometimes Windows Explorer crashed a lot of times (it then restart and nothing else ugly happens but it is annoying:mad:) The main reason seems to be when I click the right mouse button (I use a Genius optical USB mousse instead of the touchpad), but sometimes when I use it nothing bad happens :confused:. I have installed Avast antivirus and I have scanned the computer finding no virus or malware in it. I do not if is a question of W7 or the W7 64 bit version or something else.
I hope that someone can give me a hint of what is happenning.


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How many entries are on your right-click context menu?

And what are their names?

I would also suggest you go to Start > Run, type msconfig, click the Startup tab and uncheck everything except for your anti-virus software, payware detector, and personal firewall if you have one,

Have you done a complete virus scan on your computer lately?

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Dear reghakr:
How many entries do I have right-click context menu? Well, that really depends (as allways) if I am right clicking pointing a folder, an archive (and depending on the type of archive diferent entries appears) or the desktop. I do not really understand the question. I do not have made any virus scan lately but as I have turned on the "access scan" of Avast I was suppossing that if any infection have come from any archive from abroad then Avast would have warned me first avoiding then infecting my computer.
I will try the modification msconfig as you suggest and I will see what happens. Thanks for the tips.


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let's just say right-click on the desktop and folder, I'm not worried about archives.

Anti-virus just doesn't sit there and do a compete job, you must perform a complete scan manually.

Windows Explorer crush: just a bug of windos 7?

Hi, sorry for the delay I was very busy and the windows explorer problem was not so top of my priorities because I was able to continue working. Eitherway, the problem remains, I notice also that the problem also appears when I try to delete a file/folder by pressing "Delete" key or after selecting delete from the right button mousse menu: then the windows explorer crush, and I am unable to do it. Also the same problem ocurrs when I open the control panel and I got fast to some of the options of it.
I have to warn you guys: the problem is not allways present, some days I can click the right button mouse or delete files without any problem. The ocurrence of the problem seems to be very random.

Answering to reghakr:
A) The entries I can see when I perform clicking the right-button of the mousse on the desktop are the usual ones:
1) View (submenu to adjust the icon size and other stuff)
2) Order (submenu to order icons by name, type...)
3) Refresh
4) Paste
5) Paste direct link
6) Graphic properties
7) Graphic options
8) New (submenu: folder, direct link, etc)
9) Screen resolution
10) Gadgets
With all your respect, I think the entries displayed are the normal ones and they have nothing to do with the crushing behaviour of Windows Explorer when I try right clicking, deleting files or using the control panel.
B) I have also perfomed a COMPLETE scan on viruses with the last and updated version of Avast Home Edition founding ZERO virus, malware, problems.
So I am still stucked. Is this a bug of W7? I think so, and I think that we have to wait to guys from Microsoft to admit it and create an actualization patch for it. I hope still that I am wrong and there is a "simple" way of fixing this problim.


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I;m basically out of ideas other than a "clean" install.

How about you graphic card drivers.

Do you have the latest drivers?

Get the exact make and model and go directly to the manufacturers site to update them

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