Windows Explorer Doesn't Refresh Any Open Windows Regardless of the Changes Made

If I make a new folder, it won't appear until I manually refresh the screen. This could be within another folder or something on the desktop. If I rename a file, it doesn't change until I manually refresh as well. What can things like that be related to? It might've been like this close to the very start. So far I've just installed elementary programs that I always install in the beginning (all of which I was simultaneously installing on multiple computers additionally, all of which seem to be fine). I'd appreciate any sharing of knowledge ;). Thanks :)

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The problem seems to somehow be connected to Windows Installer. I'm not sure at what points it is, but in my case, I've been trying to install this program that kept freezing at one point and only ceasing to install over an hour afterward. This has been for the past few days and it's most likely when I've been noticing the issue. It's pretty dumb :/


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Hmmm... you may want to search around to see what you can find about fixing the Windows Installer, there's a million and one methods that might help.

Alternatively, open command prompt and type "SFC /scannow", this will start the system file checker and check for integrity violations.

I find the problem with renaming files/folder happens with me on the occasion as well.

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