Windows 7 Windows Explorer fails when uninstalling Adobe Reader 9


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Jan 17, 2009
Not sure whose problem this is - might even be mine, I suppose :eek: - but I am getting repeated crashes of Window Explorer when I try to uninstall Acrobat Reader 9. The crash occurs as soon as I confirm that I want to uninstall the program. Also happens if I select "Change" - immediate crash and restart.

The reason for uninstalling it is because it was originally installed into Win7 before Office 2007, and I don't think the preview handler got installed. (There IS a preview handler for Office 2007 in Reader 9, right?!)

Attempting to run the Reader installer again (without uninstalling first) results in a fail of the Adobe Air installer.

Anyway, I've submitted details for all these crashes!

Ignore this - it seems to be related to problems other are having suddenly with repeated msi failures!
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