windows explorer keeps crashing


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On a test machine I did an upgrade install of Vista. Windows explorer keeps crashing (although safe mode seems stable). I removed the drive and installed Vista on a clean drive and it is working perfectly on the same machine. Any ideas to diagnose and fix explorer in the first install? Having to reformat is not a problem since there is nothing to lose on that drive but I would like to either fix it or uninstall--which I suspect is impossible since it was installed over xp.



I'm having the same problem.
Explorer just shuts down everytime I try and open it.
I have RC2 installed on a brand new SATA 250 GIG drive.
Neither can I get Onecare 1.5 to start.
I'm wondering if my install was corrupted as I'm having nothing but problems with Vista - and it's incredibaly slow even though I have one of those new duo core processors.
Has anyone else had these problems?



Same problem

I have a Dell Inspiron E1705 with OEM install of Vista. Worked OK for a while but now Explorer keeps crashing.

BTW, Outlook crashes a lot also.

I haven't heard anything good yet about Vista.

vista ultimate - explorer.exe crashing, continuous cycle :(

hey guys, i'm using windows vista ultimate edition (OEM). been stable since i first installed it in march.

today i started getting this problem. explorer.exe crashed, it restarts itself, then crashes again, and continues doing this until i manually end the process.

i have no idea what happened?

i've done
sfc /scannow in cmd, and it didn't find any errors. ran spybot and didn't find anything. i run nod32 antivirus with updated definitions, and it didn't pick up any viruses before this problem started happening.

i formatted the C drive, started reinstalling my programs again, and the problem started occuring again. (msn, winamp, nvidia drivers, skype, nothing shady..).

installed windows xp pro sp2 on another hard drive, and installed nod32 with updated definitions, and scanned the other hard drive (with vista on it, and my data partitions) and no viruses were found. Installing AVG to see if it can pick up any viruses.

any help guys?

my computer specs are:
CPU opteron 165
RAM Gskill 2GBHZ 2x1gb
Motherboard DFI LP UT Ultra-D
Graphics Card 256mb Gainward 7900GS Golden Sample
Audio X-Fi XtremeMusic
Power Supply Antec TPII 480W

EDIT: the problem still persists in safe mode which leads me to believe the problem is not software/driver related. i'll unplug my hardware one at a time to see if it fixes the problem

EDIT: doesn't seem like hardware is an issue. test my ram to see if it was faulty with memtest86+ and no errors came up for 5 passes. my guess is something corrupted a windows file. so how do i go about restoring windows files? thanks



Re: vista ultimate - explorer.exe crashing, continuous cycle :(

I'm having the same problem. I was infected by a trojan. I've cleaned the virus but the problem persists. I've read in another thread that it could be a shell.dll corruption problem, but I don't know how to repair that. any idea?


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Re: vista ultimate - explorer.exe crashing, continuous cycle :(

If you have the installation disk (Vista) you could try running the repair utility. I'm not sure if you have to boot from disk to do this but you will get the option to either do a fresh install or repair.



Re: vista ultimate - explorer.exe crashing, continuous cycle :(

I believe I'm infected with this as well. How did you remove the virus? Any solutions yet?

Re: vista ultimate - explorer.exe crashing, continuous cycle :(

Most likely you have some shell extension that isn't entirely compatible with Vista. View shell extensions by right-clicking on any file and check what kind of choices you are offered (like "Zip with WinZip..." etc). When you spot that some program has installed shel extensions, remove that program and make sure every registry entry related to it is removed as well. Restart and see what happens.



I have a brand new HPG70015 and explorer keeps crashing too, even when trying to open a folder to view files, anyone got any solutions to these problems



Re: vista ultimate - explorer.exe crashing, continuous cycle :(

This error is related to the parental controls, either uninstall the family one care program or do the following.

1. Enter Regedit
2. Locate and then click the following registry subkey:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{4f3ed5cd-0726-42a9-87f5-d13f3d2976ac}
3. In the left pane, right click {4f3ed5cd-0726-42a9-87f5-d13f3d2976ac}, click New, and then click Dword (32 bit) value.
4. Rename the value to NoExplorer, and then set the value to 1.
5. Close Registry Editor, and then start the computer.

all should be well again.

cheers, Dave (



dell inspiron 9400

worked fine for first few months.. now it keeps crashing random times while surfing.

really sucks.. . cuz i loose all the tabs im using very annoying..

on average crash every 3 minutes. u can imagine how bad it is.

usually when im opening new tabs refrsehing loading a new page or closing tabs or something is when it crashes.

when its idle no problem.


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Try using the 'Disk cleanup' utility. This will clear your web history and downloaded web pages (make sure the box is ticked). I'd then use a good Spyware/malware scanner such as Ad-Aware (google for it) and lastly run an anti-virus. If after doing all these things, you've still got problems, post back.

Internet Explorer has Stopped Working

Hey folks, I hope I'm doing this forum entry right. It's my first time and first times can be rough. I have my computer set to update every day at 12pm. A few days ago I began having a problem. Early in the afternoon I'd find my Internet Explorer couldn't be opened. I'd have the following message. "Internet Explorer has stopped working. Windows will close internet explorer and notify you if a solution is available," or words to that effect. The only way I could get back up and running with explorer was to restore my files and settings from the last restore point. Not being overly bright it took me a while to realize that this was all happening right after the update was run. I tried to update manually and the very first update on my list was KB944533. I removed the other updates and just installed that one. Sure enough after updating and restarting exporer would not open. Just to make sure it wasn't happening on all of the pending updates, I tried a few others. They worked and explorer opened. So it appears that it is that one particular update that is giving me trouble. It is a rather large update. One that it appears I really need. I'd appreciate any help you all could give me on this.

PS maybe I should give you a little data on my computer. It's a Dell XPS 600 and I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate.



i have done all those things and have the same problem just wondering it happens to me when i move or delet file if i drag and drop a loda of pics from one folder to another it crashed as the dialogue box wont close it just site there and whenever i move something to the recycle bin and whenever i empty the recycle bin please help this is really killing me i need to sort out this system ASAP

thanks for all your help




Latitude D630 is what I am using and every time I boot my Vista, the explorer will crash for the first boot and I have to reboot.


Constant Explorer crashes.

Hello fellow vista users, so i've been using vista 32 bit for about a year with no problems, and today i upgraded my pc to a intel core 2 due e8400 3.0 GHz dual core, and 4 GB of ddr2 pc800 ram (corsair twinx) and abit ip35 pro motherboard, and decided to upgrade to vista 64 bit. All installed well, but i get constant explorer crashes when i try to move things off my ipod in my computer to the desktop, and then i have to manually end it and relaunch the explorer.exe, which still decides to crash when i open my computer. Hope i can get some help.




Re: vista ultimate - explorer.exe crashing, continuous cycle :(

Hi. I have an error. it makes me crazy. can you help me??

Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: explorer.exe
Application Version: 6.0.6001.18000
Application Timestamp: 47918e5d
Fault Module Name: msvcrt.dll
Fault Module Version: 7.0.6001.18000
Fault Module Timestamp: 4791a727
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 000126c6
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: fd00
Additional Information 2: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160
Additional Information 3: fd00
Additional Information 4: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160


Re: vista ultimate - explorer.exe crashing, continuous cycle :(

Hi all,

i gott the same problem with explorer.exe and made a little programm to stop ( and start) explorer.exe automatecly.

dowload it from .: Nenterti S.r.l. :. .:palmando, the new online ordering system .:

The programm permitted me to work on the Pc without problem.



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