windows explorer serch has stpped working

When I used the win explorer search the system has offered me an option to locate an index. I was searching an external disk.
After choosing the option to locate the index the search has stopped working no matter what I did:
I removed the index, rebuild the existing indexes, returned the defaults - nothing helped.

I enclose the system information.


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Is the external disk still plugged in?

Hitting Winkey + F does not bring up the search window?

If you open Control Panel and look for Indexing Options, there is a troubleshooter to try.

There is a Windows Search (WSearch) in the Task Manager Services page. You might check to see if that is running.

I tried your ideas but no chanhe. I would like to clarify:
1. in the win explorer screen I do get the search frame, but as I begin to type the search string, nothing happens and the serch sign at the right side of the frame (i.e. a magnifying lens:
is changing to a "x" (i.e. - the sign of closing windows).Link Removed - Invalid URLLink Removed - Invalid URL


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That's a little strange, but I would go to Start > Run, and type services.msc.

Scroll down to Superfetch and stop the service, then set it to disabled. I would also stop Windows Search and set it to disabled.

It still works fine for searching with it disabled.

I have disabled both the Superfetch and windows search but there is no change in the system behavier.


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I personally never use Windows search.

You can download a free Windows Explorer replacement that has the best search utility I've seen. Many, many options for searching.

You can download it here:
Powerdesk 6 Free Download

In the Start Menu, choose the File Finder.

I think you'll be pretty amazed. It's at least 5 times faster than Windows search.

If you are insistent on getting Windows Search to work, maybe someone else can help you out with that.

Thanks for the help

I would have prefer Windows 7 explorer search to work but still as I habe no alternative I tried your recomendation on the Powerdesk 6, I choose to use only the file finder and it works briliantly.

So - thanks again,


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