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Dear guys

WinRar often extracts files, especially MP3 with foreign Unicode names i.e.:

01 Дорожка 1.mp3

This obviously comes from a Russian OS. This Russian name displays perfectly in Explorer. No software, not even windows explorer can open. read or rename or even delete it.

When deleting you get "Could not find item". Is this a shortcoming in Windows 7? I have seem 1000's posts with guys struggling with Windows filenames containing illegal characters i.e. & or the dreaded space+period in the end, yet windows has no problems allowing these to be created, how can the filenames be illegal? They should not have been allowed to created in the 1st place?

When you view the dos name with dir /x you get 01 ??????? 1.mp3

Its seems clear that Windows 7 interprets the filename on its own file system incorrectly, and I fail to see why Microsoft does not fix this? You can remove the parent with rd /s, but I'd rather rename it to a proper filename to use the files after all. How can I get Windows to see handle these properly?




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instead of the RD command at the begining have you tried REN or RENAME then the file and then then output name?

Yes of course, ren *.mp3, file not found ....

In fact, try it yourself please. Right click on a folder:

Select file new, text file or whatever.

you get a new file.

In explorer rename it (copy and paste the text below):
01 Дорожка 1.mp3

Now try do delete it .... or rename it ....


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my only concern where the content is coming from in the first place for this to be even rename to a russian style name

my only concern where the content is coming from in the first place for this to be even rename to a russian style name
That is a plain MP3 that says "Lession 1.mp3" .. its a language course
There are countless examples like this, in Japanese, Chinese, Windows displayed the Unicode but handles it wrong btw you can delete it with del *.mp3 ... but you cannot select it because windows cannot read the filename or identify the file. You'll never have this in Linux...

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OK the plot thickens ...

My C drive is a MBR raid 5 of 600 Gig drive. You have to have MBR or Windows wont boot it.

My D Drive is 10 x 500 gig drives raid 5 also. MBR will not see more than 2 TB in size (you can have a bigger drive and it will see 2 TB only) To overcome this you can format the drive in windows to GPT, you get the option when you initialize the drive - whoch supports humungous drives.

Hence my D drive works great as 4.06 TB. When I rename a text file on C drive "01 Дорожка 1.mp3" it works fine, rename, delete etc. (thanks Rick never thought to check this here before) When I place it on D it says cannot find the file! There IS a BUG here !! Its got something to do with the GPT disk records.

I thought it might be permission related first but you cant even set the attributes or permissions because windows just wont see the file.


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