Windows firewall and port forwarding problems [Mystery]


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Hello, I am having serious issues with my port forwarding. This is my long story made short:

I used to have a modem which couldn't be port-forwarded, so I got a new one from my ISP. I called my ISP (I have ADSL internet connection) so they opened 2 ports, they did so successfully. The ports are 6112 and 6114. I need these ports to host Warcraft 3 games in Battle.Net, if they are not open, I can not host these games.

That being said, I was hosting and playing happily with no issues, up to this week. I was using a hosting software (Ghost++ bot) to host these games, one day I opened it up and it just wouldn't work. Doesn't matter, I'll host it manually, so I did. I was hosting (successfully) with no bot up to today... I start a game, and my friend says he can not join (sign that my ports aren't opened), so I head to Open Port Check Tool and, indeed, my two ports were "closed", it said it could not see me through those ports, when a week ago it could. So I call my ISP asking for them to check and make sure if my ports were open, and they were, but I still couldn't host, so I ask him why was this, he suggests that it might be Windows' firewall, so I deactivate it, and try again. Nothing. I activate it and add a TON of exceptions of all kinds, port exceptions, program exceptions, service exceptions, custom exceptions. Nothing. I deactivate it again, and they were still closed! So I reset my modem router a few times, I update my Microsoft's Loopback Adapter's ip (which I had added a few weeks ago, before all the trouble, my internal ip is and tripe-checked everything. I still can not host, and still says my ports are closed.

My ISP is no help, so I come here, seeking for some answers to this mystery.
I would really appreciate any kind of help.
Thank you for your time.

OS: Windows Seven Ultimate Edition 32 bits
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo
HDD: 500 GB (40% free)
Modem router: TP-LINK TD-8840T ADSL2+


I highly doubt the OS firewall is the problem. Here are my suggestions/thoughts...

(It's a madem/router, all-in-one, right?)

>> Swap it out.
>> Check for Firmware updates
>> Power cycle it
>> Uninstall the Net Adapter & reboot

Maybe you've done all this, already, except going to the IP & swapping out the unit.


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I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by "swap it out", but, no, I haven't done any of this. I got a friend to help me through teamviewer, turns out my network configuration was wrong, my internal IP had changed, and I had to update it from to Thank you for your time Drew.


Ah, ok, figured that had been checked. Good you had your friend remotely to SEE things. I use RA or Team Viewer for & w/ clients often... lots better & quicked when more or less hands-on. Swap out=replace (w/ new unit).

Anyway, cool it's god now. :thumbs_up:

As for my time, you're welcome.