Windows Firewall won't work + MsConfig Screen Quickly Pops Up During Start Up...

Hey guys, today I inherited a bad trojan that infected my windows and caused it to restart after one minute and also disabled my windows firewall indefinitely. I ran numerous malware and anti virus programs and cleaned out all the trojans and infections I could find, and the computer finally now seems to be running normally...however, once I log into windows this small black screen which seems to be the msconfig screen quickly flashes or pops out and then dissapears...I don't know why that keeps happening or what I can do to stop it. It makes me think that my computer is still infected because my Windows firewall doesn't work either.

I tried all the steps that microsoft gave about fixing and enabling the windows firewall again (cmd config scan, regedit steps, microsoft fix it, service.msc, etc.) I was able to get the windows firewall to show up in my services list again when I do the services.msc command in msconfig, but the firewall still won't turn on :(

Any help on these issues would be greatly appreciated, I've spent the entire day trying to clean my computer and getting rid of the virus I attained.


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From what you picture, it's a bad situation. Sometimes malware cause a disaster that cannot be fixed, afterwards. That's one of the main reasons for precaution being so utmost important.

I'd say your computer is infected, and a hazard to others. It should be cleansed completely - don't know if I want to be in any contact with it. Sorry.

I suggest a zero format of your system disk, complete re-install of Windows, and a re-check of your security software - something went wrong, since you got in this situation?

With files you may want to save, zip them, preferably zip the twice, burn them on a CD or DVD, and only open them via an Antivirus program.

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but you may have a problem that can't be solved.

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