Windows folder not opening in explorer by default

Recently i installed adobe photoshop cs5. After installing now when i try to open any folder by double clicking on it, it opens in adobe bridge.:confused::confused::confused::frown: I have to right click on the folder and then OPEN, then only it opens in explorer.:(:(:(
I tried the Default file associations in control panel but couldnt find the folder extension.
How can i change the default settingsso that when i open any folder by double clicking on it, it will open as usual in windows explorer.

I am using windows7 ultimate, 32bit. 3gb ram, 250 hdd, amd turion x2 processor with 2ghz speed.

thank u.:eek:

Has this behavior always been the same since you installed Adobe? Have you tried their forums?


There must be a setting for this in Adobe bridge, if not then set defaults in control panel>folder options. If still no luck, try re-registerring Windows Shell library by opening up the elevated command prompt and typing regsvr32 shell32.dll and then hitting 'enter'. Restart the system.


Thanks CYberCore.:)
I haven't tried adobe's forum till now. Earlier i was using photoshop cs4 and i had no problem. But now when i installed photoshop cs5 this problem came up.
i reinstalled it every time the same problem crops up.

There is a setting in preference in adobe bridge about file extension but there is no option for folders.
I have tried Folder options in control panel but no effect. I re registered the shell library by opening command propmpt and restarted the system but no effect.

I also tried registry cleaner, error fixer but no effect. :mad::mad::(:(:confused::confused:


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Are you happy going into the registry (search regedit.exe), if you are GoTo this registry key:-

Expand the Directory folder (key), you should have two sub-folders (keys) One is OpenWithList, the other is OpenWithProgids, (you may have more??).

What you need to check for is a key called UserChoice. If you find one, delete it. If you don't find one, this code saved as a .reg file should restore your default folder settings.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
















[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\ShellEx\ContextMenuHandlers\Library Location]

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\ShellEx\ContextMenuHandlers\Offline Files]





[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\ShellEx\PropertySheetHandlers\Offline Files]


Just for luck, if you save this code as a .reg file it wll remove Adobe Bridge from your folder context menu.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Hope that helps


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Thanks Elmer for your rply.
I have chekd the registry as you have said. But didn't found a reg key called User Choice in the directory folder.
You have given a code, i have saved it as a .reg file in dektop. I want to know where i will save it or how.?

Thank u elmer....
The second code you gave really solved the problem and now all the folders are opening as usual...
Thank u so much,Elmer... :) :)


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Not a problem.

I've devoted my life to dismembering Adobe Bridge and rendering it useless!

(It never used to work on my ancient XP set up, so I found alternatives. So now it wants to work on my new PC it can go and get stuffed!!)


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Hello, kindly help out, i have the same issue. Would have followed the steps given above, only this is 6 years after this post, I windows 10 os and adobe cs6. This is the only place i could find that has a clue.


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The keys should be the same even in Windows 10

Thank u elmer....
The second code you gave really solved the problem and now all the folders are opening as usual...
Thank u so much,Elmer... :) :)
solved it for me too, thanks!

Guys. Pls elaborate the steps. Please. Please


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They are in the Elmer post above.

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