Windows freezes often after waking up

So as some of you may remember, I had problems getting Windows to sleep before. Those got fixed and have been running fine for awhile now. Goes to sleep on its own now.

However, the problem I had before is back and has been going on for awhile. When I wake up the computer, whether it is scheduled in the morning for back up or I do it on my own, more often than not, it freezes a few minutes after waking. I can get logged in, start doing stuff, and then it freezes. Doesn't do it every time as I've had it go for days between freezes with several wake ups in between.

I doubt it is hardware related as I have checked the memory, I have turned down my overclock a bit in case it is processor, and Ubuntu will go to sleep and wake up with no issue. I doubt it is hard drive related as when I had to fix the sleeping issue, the whole hard drive was wiped and then reinstalled so the file structure is different. As the same stuff, services and applications are turned on with each restart, that shouldn't be the problem. Firefox causes script issues in Ubuntu on both my desktop and laptop so I am going to back to Chrome and see if that does it, but I doubt it because I have awoken the computer with Firefox off.

I've tried checking the events and all it ever says is that it is a failure and I'm not good enough to figure out how to trace back what may be causing that failure. Any help you can offer? I'd like to get this fixed as I'm going to give it to my dad and I'm building an Ivy Bridge-based computer this winter, but if this problem annoys me, it is going to annoy any one else trying to use the computer.

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Still need help, but I got further along. There is a hotfix that seems to describe my very situation. KB 977178. The problem is, after I download it, it claims that "the update is not applicable to your computer." I have Windows 7 64 bit and am using the 64 bit file. There is no reason why it should fail and although it might not fix the problem, this might be the only thing preventing me from having a working computer again! Any ideas? Microsoft support is useless as it claims my product ID has expired... which it hasn't. I bought a copy from my school and Windows says my copy is genuine so I don't see how it could be expired. Don't really want to switch to Windows 8 just yet, but if it means having a working computer again, I might be all for it.


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A bit confused here - which OS are you on?

Windows 7 Professional (stated in the last post when I tried to use the hotfix for it), but I'm going to just go ahead and switch to Windows 8 release preview if I can't put this machine to sleep without it freezing every time.


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I suggest you make a phone call to Microsoft. They DO have customer service, and they DO understand difficulties. It just happens, that the automated services don't work that well. IF you have a legitimate copy, you will have it.

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