Windows hangs on startup with LG USB Multi DVD drive hooked up.

I have a 5 day old HP computer. E9220Y. I hooked up my 6mo old LG USB DVD Multi drive up to it and it workds fine. The only problem is, when I restart Windows, it hands right after the BIOS screen. It will not start. I worked for a while trying to figure out why. At first I thought a program I installed screwed it all up, but found if I unplugged the USB cable from the drive, hit the power button again on the computer, it would then start up. Not sure why. Just a plug and play drive. No disc in it. Hooked to a USB port on the back of the computer.

Any ideas? I really like the drive.


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Go into Bios and set HD ahead of USB in boot order.

I did it, and it worked. Thank You. I wonder why the regular dvd drive did not cause the same issue. Also never happened on my Vista computer before this. No matter, it works now. If I ever run into a recovery situation, I can change it back to boot from the internal DVD drive.
Thanks again.


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You're welcome - glad it worked for you.:)

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