windows has detected an ip address conflict

I am using a verizon uml290 usb modem on a Lenovo desktop computer and every time I connect to the internet I get the message of IP address conflict. I am able to connect and use the internet fine but I keep getting the message. When I check the event log there ate approximately 1800 entries and this computer is only a month old. Any ideas?


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Log on to your router and examine the DHCP client list. This will show all IP addresses assigned automatically by your router. DHCP should not be capable of assigning duplicate IP addresses so there is probably some device on your network using a manually assigned address. Compare the DHCP list with all your devices and see if you can identify a conflict. It is possible that some other person unknown to you has accessed your network with an IP address they have allocated. Is your network secured and has anyone got access to your router?


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Depending on how your network is set up, you may be able to see some devices using the Network and Sharing Center full map. If you hold your mouse over a device, or look at its properties, you may see the address.

But it does have its shortcomings and, in many cases, will not show all the devices on the network.

I am not using a router. I am using a usb modem only.


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Goto a command prompt and enter:

ipconfig /all

Examine the list for IP addresses on your pc and see if there are any conflicts.

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