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Hi everyone,

First time poster here. Can anyone tell me the difference between

Windows 8.1, for Small Form Factor English


Windows 8.1 32bit.

I persume there is a difference as I am currently looking to purchase a Windows tablet from Dell, a tablet with the same Specs hads a price difference of €100 and the only difference is the windows mentioned above.

I can't seem to find an answer online anywhere.

Thank you in advance


Noob Whisperer
Just a wild guess, but with that price difference you may be talking about RT versus real Windows 8.
You probably wouldn't be happy with the RT version as you're pretty much restricted to running Apps from the App Store and whatever comes on it from the manufacturer.
Maybe some links to the two devices you are considering might help us further advance the dialog.


Noob Whisperer
I believe the primary difference in the 379 model and the rest is the size of the solid state drive.
And I still do not have a clue what Windows 8.1, for Small Form Factor English even mean as it shows in those specs.
But drilling down in the reviews of that one, they seem to indicate that you can install 32 bit apps, so possibly it is not RT.

I didn't even notice the solid state drive differenec, I also notice the screen resolution is different which as you say I would imagine is the price difference.

If it is full windows happy days, I'll try contact dell to get an answer, thanks for the help.

Dell have just informed me that The Operating system is the Same even though if its installed on a tablet or a laptop.


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Dell have just informed me that The Operating system is the Same even though if its installed on a tablet or a laptop.
Good to know and thanks for the update.
Now you just need to decide if you want to go with the bigger hard drive. I'm not seeing a slot for an SD card so storage might end up being an important consideration.

Looking at reviews on YouTube etc, it has an sd slot for help with storage as 32gb would be a bit short.

I would confirm that with dell first as I'd need the sd slot with only 32gb


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It was difficult to discover as I noted in my post just above yours, but yes it does seem to have an SD card slot.
I would still double confirm this with Dell first though.

Yes I thought it would also be listed under ports section. I've asked dell so I'll see what they say.

Might be a tab off topic but has anyone had any experience with this tablet or other dell tablets.

I've previously owned Acer windows laptops and android phones, haven't had a dell as of yet and just looking for some info as to their reliability.

I'd be using this tab for microsoft office, browsing the Web, streaming football matches, and possibly using photoshop and dreamweaver on a small scale (I'd mainly use the laptop for the last two)

From Dell, Yes, All the 4 systems mentioned in the link have a SD Card Slot.

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