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Using 64-bit Windows 7 ... Dell computer, Dell monitor. I can't find anyone else with this exact problem: Windows open BEHIND others. Three examples: (a) I'm installing a font. Explorer is open. Drag a font into the /Font folder, and a message comes up that says, "Font already installed; replace with this new one?" But that message is BEHIND Explorer, and it's demanding a Yes/No responseso I can't move Explorer. (b) Installing new software ... get to the "I accept the terms" box ... click OK ... next box that pops up asks me what language I want to use, but it opens BEHIND the "I accept" box, which can't be moved until I've chosen the language to use.(3) Worst example: If I've got a program running full-screen, sometimes (not always!) when I move my cursor to the bottom of the screen, so my Auto-Hide taskbar will appear, it DOES pop up, but it's doind so BEHIND the open program, so I can't get to it.

Dell says, "It's a known problem."

Sorry this was so long, but I thought three examples would help me describe the issue. Would be grateful for anyone's insight....



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I just went and tried installing some of my fonts that are already installed and in my case I couldn't get the message window to go to the back even if I clicked on the main window.

I thought that maybe something was triggering the main window to come to the front.

For a work around...

I'm going to suggest that you use the flick action (grab the top of the Explorer window and drag it until the cursor hits the side of the screen) to size the explorer window to half the screen, on the left side of your monitor.

Then install the font by right clicking on the font file in the folder you are installing from and select Install.

The "Already Installed" window should open in the center of the screen sticking out from behind the Explorer widow so that you can either access the button or drag the window sideways to where you can click on the button.

I don't auto hide my task bar any more, so maybe not doing that for a while until this gets straightened out would help.

As for what's actually causing this I don't have a clue right now.
If I find something I'll come back.


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Good suggestions, under some circumstances. But often, it isn't technically a WINDOW that's open ... it's a dialog box, y'know? And when that dialog box IN BACK is requiring a response, you CAN'T click (or move) the window that's in front of it ... you can't do ANYTHING until you've resolved the Yes/No question on the little box that you can't see.

I do have one workaround: Just pop up the taskbar and click on the dialog box you want in front. So yeah, there ARE workarounds, but as you suggest, finding the CAUSE would be way more ideal.



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I can't seem to find anyone talking about this problem.
In fact the only place I have seen people complain about this problem is on Macs.

Maybe a repair install would clear it up.
It should only take about 30 minutes to find out.

Repair Install - Windows 7 Forums

I don't have any other ideas at this time if I think of something I'll let you know.

If running a repair install works let us know.


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I ran into this more on Vista than on Windows 7. It's annoying when you don't notice there is pop up behind.

bilglas: did you ever find a solution to this problem? I have been struggling with it for over one year now and nobody seems to know what is causing this. In my case it happens with all non-maximized windows, in addition to the right click context windows (e.g., task manager, etc. ). Would appreciate your reply. Thanks much. Herb

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