Windows immediately inactive upon startup ..

Hi there
I have had seven installed on my laptop for quite a while now, and haven't had any problems until now.
Recently it was abruptly shutdown by an accident, and now it wont do anything.

It boots perfectly normally, but as soon as I do anything, the cursor turns into that blue ring that just keeps going round and round and round .. If i try hitting ctrl-alt-del, the screen goes black with the cursor still in it, and after a couple of minutes it tells me that it was unable to perform the ctrl-alt-del process.
Once, however, i managed to get the taskmanager open by doing it as the first thing after boot.
I killed the explorer.exe so that i could restart it, but when i clicked the "New task" button, nothing happened.
It is perfectly able to boot in safe mode however - that's how I'm writing this post.

I've tried a few things, but without success:
Did a system startup repair: no result
Did a memory diagnostic: no result
Booted with only a command prompt and performed a chkdsk: no result
Booted into safe mode and deleted the files in the %temp% folder: no effect
Did a memory test with a linux dvd: no problems detected

I can't really think of other options
Any ideas?



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Take these steps now

Most likely file corruption has taken place due to the abrupt power loss. I would suggest taking the following steps. Begin to immediately BACK UP any essential documents and files. Begin the process of trying to repair any corrupt operating system files:

Go to the Start Menu
In Search type: cmd
Before running cmd.exe, right click and "Run as Administrator"

You will see a black console

Run the command

sfc /scannow

This will verify that the Windows operating system files are not corrupted or altered. If you continue to experience the issue, or not, you need to completely scan your hard drive for corruption. Do this after you try to repair the OS files.

Using the same method above run

chkdsk /r /f

From the command-line.

Respond with "y" to all the questions and restart the computer.

The next step, if none of this works, is to initiate a System Restore. To initiate a System Restore, go to Start - > Search and type "System Restore"

Restore back to a time before the computer lost power. Using these three steps:

sfc /scannow
chkdsk /r /f
System Restore

You have a good chance of repairing the system. However, if these methods fail, you may want to get the Windows 7 DVD media out and run an Upgrade install from inside Windows or completely re-install the operating system.

If you do have some success fixing the problem, I recommend you start performing, at the very least, monthly backups. To see how this can be accomplished rather successfully and without any doubt, you may want to try acquiring some 3rd party software rather than rely on Windows Backup, which has often times been a big headache for everyone.

See this blog and video:

Good luck, and please tell us your result!


Thanks for the quick reply :rolleyes:

However, i tried all of the above, but none of it seemed to work.
So i guess i just ahve to do a clean install...

But thanks álot :)

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