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I recently got a new desktop and i put my copy of windows 7 on it. I also have it on my laptop and i cant install xp over it. i put in the install disc and it boots from it fine. Then it loads all the setup files and says that it cant continue because there is no hard disc attached to the computer.

any ideas are apreiciated =]



In order to be able to install xp, you need to go into the BIOS settings and change the hard disk mode to IDE (not RAID or AHCI)

And then try running xp setup...


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Do you know if you have the unlettered System Reserve Partition on your system. If you do, you will probably need to give it a drive letter to be able to install XP.

There should be many threads about this subject if you have problems trying to get back to the Win 7 boot loader.

In my experience, or at least on my computer, an AHCI setting with XP normally leads to a Blue Screen, but I suppose some computers handle it differently.


Cheers nightlite that worked perfectly

Thanks again

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