Windows installation hard drive problem

Hi, I got this used alienware and trying to get thing running ,but I run in to this problem, never seen this before.

so I can see this drive in BIOS and it works fine in win7 on my other computer, but for some reason when trying to install windows it's asking to install device driver and as you can see in picture 3 the hard drive shows in the window: to select the source for device driver.

Any help will be real appreciated. Thank's.

Did you hit the LOAD DRIVERS button @ the beginning of the install? Don't. Just select the drive where you want to OS to go, format & assign the size you want used & NEXT. Drew


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Check your system BIOS and determine how your drive controller is currently configured. If it is set for AHCI then it is possible that you will need to load a driver from the manufacturer or motherboard CD to get over this hump. If you don't need the Hot Swap / Native Command Queuing features of an AHCI drive controller, then you may find the install easier by setting the controller to Native/IDE (wording might be slightly different).

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If you still have the problem, it could be what I had: Windows wouldn't recognize my disk. I was using MiniTool Partition Wizard, and jumping to GParted solved the problem - suddenly Windows recognized it all... and I got it installed. If this is the problem, some have solved it by twice or triple formatting the disk. Anyways, you might want to try to format your disk with another software?

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