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Hello guys,
if I try to install windows and I accidently shut down the computer, what it will happen to my old windows that was installed before?

wait. you say; try to install windows..?
your plan, you want dual boot windows again..? or first time you installing it?
if you first time, Just install it again. and when processing install to your computer. you can reformat HD. and make 2 ,or more partition. I suggest just make 2 partition.

I hope this help you.


Well I want to reinstall windows from professional to ultimate, and Im keep getting loosing electricity. What happen if I will loose electricity in a procces when im reinstalling windows? Will old ones (windows professional) work as they should or just they won't start?


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Well I'm not a Master of the Art, but my guess would be: no one knows. I once lost a HDD because of two sequential power breaks. I believe you may face serious troubles in the case you describe.

You might want to make an image of your present system, one tool is, there are others too. Another option is backup, like How to backup your installation of Windows 7 :

But secure electricity... that would be the main point. Kick the politicians, eh?

Ok. your picture, songs, or other file which is not saved on drive C, will not gone.
atleast you save it on Drive d or whatever, atleast not same drive partition with your windows system files. just reformat it again (install windows 7 ultimate)
let me know, if you done it.


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Typically, the setup makes rollback points frequently throughout the installation. So if your PC was to suddenly lose power, the next time you start it, the setup will either resume from the last rollback point, or rollback to your previous operating system (depending on how far along the installation was).

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